My trunk is full, and no mysteries. I gave a guided tour to a co-responder the other day: things like a fire extinguisher, crow bar, first aid kit (my bloodstopper bag for accident scenes), roadside assistance stuff (manual pump, fixa flat, fuses reflective vest), blanket, spare rain coat, BOB (earthquake, weather), ham radio bag, Red Cross go kit, bag of teddy bears for Red Cross, bag of comfort kits for Red Cross, bag of old fleece jackets and some spare clothes for Red Cross (for clients who got out of fires without clothing etc), and a mass casualty bag with enough kerlix, tape, coban and other FA stuff to treat ~50 people. A zip lock bag with area maps in it. Also a 12 pack of canned lemonade (which doesn't spoil - good for after hike beverages). A z-rest pad. Snow shovel and chains in the winter time. I'm sure there's stuff I've forgotten.

I usually pull the Red Cross stuff when I go on hikes because it really doesn't belong to me, but leave the rest of the stuff in all the time. I use everything except the BOB, large FA gear, and area maps on a more or less regular basis. After I downgraded to a $100 HT in the ham kit the whole kit and kaboodle probably isn't worth much more than the insurance deductible if I lost it in a break in. So why not have it? Why keep your stuff a mystery? Its in the back of my Prius, under a sun shade, can't be observed - parked in one of the safer zip codes most of the time, and some of the more car prowler friendly zip codes the rest of the time, but if I worried about car prowls to begin with I wouldn't be there. If you want it and can find my car you can steal it, if you want to hassle with me while breaking in.