I don't think the environment here is the same as your's,but everyone I associate with is very well aware that things need to be hidden or covered up,& this has been a general rule of thumb,Always!I was at a major hardware supply store one time,& my truck was parked about center of the huge parking lot,when I exited the store I noticed alot of activity going on near my truck,it turned out 3 vehicles/trucks had been burglarized,2 on oneside/1 on the otherside of my truck,yet my truck was untouched.I carry alot of tools but they are well hidden from view,hence my truck was camo'd enough to not need any, unwanted attention.The working class People here in general are taught early in life,not to touch anything that doesn't belong to them though, there are many who ignore that lesson,or are ignorant thereof!We are in need of 1 or 2 laws that your country employs to the ignorant,lol!