I have never thought of camoflague until recently. I live in a city and only go camping occasionally , and any color will do for my stuff.

Last few weeks I was uneasy with some nosy folks who ask more questions than I can take. Though nothing I have is special grade or high price, but I don't like too much questions and too much handling of MY stuff.

One example is when I drop my kids at school then head to my office. I open the car trunk to get my bag, and at the same moment some colleagues are passing and will notice and ask : WHAT ISSSSS THAAAAAT ???? ( bought a new car and it had a bright red emergency bag containing working gloves, FAK, air compressor .. etc. ). It is very annoying for me to stop, explain and he tries to open it and see the contents. I really have no time for this. So, I started to get my bag at school, and not open the trunk at work.

Similarly, somone needs a ride and I open the glove ( or other ) compartment and he sees a bright orange flashlight and starts to handle it. He may even light it ( very bright ) at night when I am driving !! It bothers me a lot.

I was pleasantly syurprised a few times, however, when I noticed that BLACK colored stuff is often not noticed. Like a multitool in a black nylon sheath can hardly be seen inside a compartment near the gear stick. At last , something to help against nosy people.

I was so please with this discovery that I started to bet on it. One night I stayed working late in office and when I decided to go home, didn't think of taking the bag with me. I had to bring it next morning anyway so why bother taking it ? I was sure it won't be norticed by a casual passer-by remaining in the building ( like maintenance staff ) because its black/grey color combo makes it hard to see in dim light if you are not specifically looking for it.

Do you have experiences ( negative or postive ) in using camo in urban environments ??