I've seen the Hydrastorm packs, and like what I've seen a lot- especially the ventilated back panels... and I like subdued gear. I've come close to buying one...

... but what is the deal with having two kinds of camo, plus OD and black, and then putting this label with a *bright* white logo and lettering against a black background? Sort of ruins a lot of the value of the otherwise-subdued gear.

Not only that, but it looks to be sewn right on a heavily exposed spot, so if you remove it, you have leaking needle holes. Is that a special feature just for us civilians?


Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you order a subdued Camelbak (from Brigade, who seems to have them exclusively), it comes with a subdued label.

Maybe not earthshaking, I suppose you could always remove it and seal the holes, or take a magic marker to it or something, but it is annoying.