pregnancy in a survival situation brings whole lot of concerns and considerations.

I shudder at the very idea! Even for other women. Pregnant or giving birth in a survival situation -- nightmares don't get much worse than that.

And I'm just tossing this out there in case anyone has the thought or someone else suggests it immediately after a birth outside of a hospital:

* DO NOT PULL THE PLACENTA OUT WITH THE UMBILICAL CORD! It will release on its own, and trying to hurry things can cause massive bleeding.

* DO NOT DISCARD THE PLACENTA if you are within reach of a doctor. It should be carefully bagged and given to the doctor to see if it is complete. If part is missing and remains inside the mother, it could turn into a major medical emergency.

* IF THE BABY ISN'T BREATHING, DON'T CUT THE UMBILICAL CORD! The baby has been getting oxygen from Mom via the placenta and umbilical cord, it's the baby's lifeline. If something is wrong, THERE IS NO HURRY to cut the cord. It's just about the last thing to worry about.

If a paramedic tries to do any of these things, forcibly prevent them.

Here is a link to a video of an actual birthing, if you've never seen such a thing before. It would probably be a good idea not to be eating if you watch it. The text info that follows the video is also informative (I don't know why there is a recipe in there shocked. ) How to Deliver a Baby in a Pinch