I was going to ask why this thread focuses so closely on woman physiology and seems to ignore the wider scope of woman survival, and was going to suggest Mace ..etc. in her survival kit. However, the thread focus has become very very interesting.

So, I will add a point in the same area. Suppose a husband/wife couple have the prepper mentality and have well designed BOBs. They decide to have a baby . OK, don't you think they have to put extra (what-if)s in mind since the woman is going to be pregnant and not as atheletic as she is now.

Even if she has been hiking with the husband every week and practicing bug out on foot to their cabin, a few months down the road, she may not be able to carry the same backpack half of the distance.

So, like "un-pregnancy" requires some considerations of monthly cycle ...etc, pregnancy in a survival situation brings whole lot of concerns and considerations.