An online friend from the forum-yes, some folks did not flee from me like a cancer or leprosy victim- alerted me to this thread.

My privacy is just that-PRIVATE. I had a family situation that
found me focus of a 'perfect storm' of multiple crisis and meddling third parties. Sometimes, even in these days a guy can find himself locked in the equivelant of a german cattle car with little resources.

I would have replied earlier. Doug Ritter chose to ban me from the website for a year.

There are six islands in the califronia coastal islands. Only three fall under park jurisdiction. Two are controlled by the USN
and then there is Santa Catalina 26 miles across the sea to all and sundry.

I was NOT in charge of the clusterpuck I related. It was one more
misadventure of a archaeological shovel bum who has since moved far beyond the internicine pissing matches of S.O.P.A. and the
mob mentality of ETS.

Do people get stranded on the channel islands?


Doug, you can ban me again. But, this time kindly delete all my contributions to this forum. I mean all.