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Maybe it would help if DR knew exactly what you're waiting for? Some sort of public apology? A signed confession from Chris himself? Maybe a CSI style crime scene investigation with DNA evidence proving beyond a doubt that Chris never set foot on the island?

You've made your case, presented all the facts, and we all know the story is most likely fake. It just sounds like you're looking for justice, but from the wrong person. The guy's been gone for a couple years now and nobody's given him a second thought. Ironically, his story probably never got much attention as it has now. I just think this is better left to die a quiet death. People lie, life goes on.

I thought I was fairly clear. What should happen is the removal of Kavanaugh's contrived story from the ETS website. The excellent point has been made that this should happen after some sort of impartial investigation - none of us have met face to face, and for all anyone knows, we could all be terrorists posting from Yemen.

Why is the removal important? Kavanaugh's is one of the survival stories posted permanently on ETS. Here is what ETS and Doug Ritter says about the value of survival stories:

"Equipped To Survive™ publishes a good deal of material regarding real life survival stories. The Survival Forum™ is filled with discussions of such events. When I give presentations to groups about survival subjects, as part of the outreach program that helps support the Foundations goals and finances, survival stories are always part of the program. These stories are critically important for a number of purposes, one of the most vital being to remind people how important preparation is, because damn near anything can happen out there."

Given that statement, wouldn't it be kinda nice if these stories were true and factual? Please note that this has nothing to do with the free wheeling discussion on the Forum, which certainly cannot, and should not, be monitored all that closely.

I think ETS is an exceptional website, dispensing good, solid information about emergency survival and disaster preparations. In my opinion, it stands head and shoulders above many others lumped into this general category. I think the presence of this false narrative really impugns its integrity. I would like to see the site improved by a little deft surgery. After appropriate investigation, it should only be a matter of a few keystrokes.

I would like to remember Chris Kavanaugh as a deft and witty moderator who was crucial to instilling a reasonable tone on the forum. That should be his legacy, not this cockeyed tale.

Finally, I will heed a recent PM and shut up and sit down with respect to this matter; it is time to put this whole thing in the barn and await the considered judgment of the site administrators. Let's go the PM route with any other points on this matter. Thank you for your time.
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