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You've made your case, presented all the facts, and we all know the story is most likely fake. It just sounds like you're looking for justice, but from the wrong person. The guy's been gone for a couple years now and nobody's given him a second thought. Ironically, his story probably never got much attention as it has now. I just think this is better left to die a quiet death.

There is much wisdom in this. BS has been called on this particular story, though the overall value of the poster's work as a moderator stands. That strikes me as a fair and reasonable settling of accounts.

Let's keep this in perspective. This forum is not the core of the foundation's work; in fact, it is for all intents and purposes irrelevant. It's more like an appendix that flares up on occasion, and has more than once been scheduled for surgical removal. Respectfully to all, I vote that we should be grateful for this community, call it a day, and move on.