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Good Point. I did indeed try to do that and found that he is not taking PM's at this time. I don't know his situation, and, not being in his moccasins, I will not attempt to decide what his priorities ought to be. I am certainly willing to wait a bit,and am doing so. I am certainly willing to assist any effort to determine the facts of the case here.

Maybe it would help if DR knew exactly what you're waiting for? Some sort of public apology? A signed confession from Chris himself? Maybe a CSI style crime scene investigation with DNA evidence proving beyond a doubt that Chris never set foot on the island?

You've made your case, presented all the facts, and we all know the story is most likely fake. It just sounds like you're looking for justice, but from the wrong person. The guy's been gone for a couple years now and nobody's given him a second thought. Ironically, his story probably never got much attention as it has now. I just think this is better left to die a quiet death. People lie, life goes on.