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Doug's analysis of the facts as they were stated is accurate and honest.

The problem is the "facts" aren't facts, they are fabricated fantasy. It is highly regrettable that DR was sucked into an analysis of what is more and more nothing but contrived fiction.

I agree with you that it's regrettable that DR had to waste his time to analyze what could be a complete fabrication, but in all honesty I personally don't see it as a big of an issue that requires him to drop everything and give it immediate attention. It's a story that most people probably glanced over and promptly forgot about until it was brought up in this thread. I can't imagine anybody was really influenced by it. Maybe it's because I'm not personally close to any of the mentioned groups in the story that I think of it as just another tall tale.

In reality, it's the internet and there's no way to tell who's telling the truth. In all fairness, DR would also have to research your side of the story to make sure we're not unfairly accusing CK of making false statements. Based on what i know about yours and Chris's history, I believe you, but nobody can really draw any conclusions without wasting a lot of time and effort to get find the truth. In the end it really doesn't change anything, people will always need to keep their BS meter handy whenever they're on any forum. This forum is above average in that department, but it's not immune to it's share of embellishments.

Now, one thing I've always wished for were more updates in the survival stories section. I used to check it all the time looking for new stories, but never saw any. It seems that with all the things that have happened i.e Katrina, Japan earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. there would be at least a few more recent survival stories. The forums are great for conversations and a lot of what-ifs, but real life experience is what I want to hear about. It's ironic that some of the best survival stories that I've read have been on other forums completely unrelated to the topic.