I am from the Middle East, especifically, I am from Saudi Arabia

I really wish you all could read Arabic and have a quick look at our papers and news sites today... Many people expressed relief and happiness for his death. We have been often grilled because a few Arabs were shown dancing after 911 .. well, it seems that more Arabs are dancing today, and I just wish those who held us all responsible .. could see it for themselves.

BTW, some are skeptical about what really happened. I , for one see the story full of holes. For example, they showed the bodies of Saddam sons to the media , why not Osama body ?? Why throw it in the sea ? Sounds strange !! If they left the body or gave it to some Islamic country or organization for burial, that will authenticate the story. But .. politics is always like that .. full of holes and puzzles.

In any case, I don't think his death will change much because Al-Qaeda is not a tightly controlled organization taking every order from their leader. He has become a symbolic figure more or less, and his death may bring even more disasters from his bloody fans around the world. Add to that, anyone can pay commandos-for-hire to do any dirty job and stick any label on it.

IMHO, there is a relevant part of this event to ETS members : It is time to re-check the BOBs. I am rechecking mine , and increasing my emergency cash by a few 1000s.