This news is on every forum that I frequent. It is important enough of an event that it has become appropriate for just about any forum.

I am extremely thankful for the hard work and sacrifice of the members of our Armed Forces, Intelligence community, our allies and anyone else who have made this happen and have been protecting our freedom since 9.11.01... starting with the Passengers of Flight 93.

Thank You to each and every member of the Armed Forces, our Intelligence agencies and our allies that allowed this to happen. Thank you for giving Usama Bin Laden the opportunity to be judged by the appropriate Judge.

I thought this photo I took yesterday seems appropriate...

FDNY Engine 6 was buried in the rubble under the WTC, hooked up to the Standpipe system... 4 members of Engine 6 were among the 343 FDNY members killed on 9-11-01. Rest in Peace Brothers... today your murders have been partially vindicated. (This was taken at the memorial exhibit in the New York State Museum)

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