for your warm weather sleeping consideration....for the 04 hurricane season I had a small Coleman D cell tent fan, and it was invaluable for sleeping comfort without soon as possible switched to a larger fan with a D cell battery the time my pre digital TV/NOAA radio had the same adapter plug as the fan, so converted it to larger DC source... obtained a female cigarette plug adapter cord with battery clamps and used a Harley motorcycle battery for the 05 season for a couple of days without power...upgraded to a heavier auto 12v battery system (2 batteries) and just obtained a Goal Zero 7watt solar panel to play with solar charger...need to get a USB to mini cable and other adapters...don't understand why an adapter was not included

don't know how long a 7 watt system will take to charge a 12v battery on only .6amp...if it shows a promise Harbor Freight has their 3 panel 45watt systems on sale

AFLM... are the Engel 12v refrigerators made in Australia sold in the UK?