I've finally decided on the primary components base for my off the grid BOB/GHB survival electronics kit.

The NOMAD folding mono-crystalline solar panel is quite compact and rated for only 7 Watt, but can directly recharge my HTC HD2 smartphone (gives me Internet, GPS, compas, maps, radio, document copies vault, survival books, camera, voice recorder, entertainment, etc) from 10% to 100% in just 1 hour with not that much of effort (laying on the table). It can charge 2 devices simultaneously.

The matching 4xAA GUIDE battery pack on the left can help to fully recharge 4 eneloops in about 1.5 hours in the full sun connected to the panel (6 hours from a regular 0.5A USB source). And also stores at least 2 full charges for the smartphone (with 2700mAh NiMHs). Can be used as a 20 hours flash light too.

The second thing after the phone, which will be powered with this kit, is my SteriPen Traveler (on the right). It's 4xAA based model.

The USB cable near the center of the picture can deal with mini and micro usb ports. It's wrapped with a sleeved soft steel wire, which can be used for improvisation of other connector types if necessary. Or for fire making by short circuiting the battery pack (still researching this idea though, the short circuit protection of the batt.pack may require a different wire use).

See the manufacturer site for more specs (bought it separately from Amazon for a bit less).