DISCLAIMER: This post is the result of being in the insurance industry for too many years, overthinking possible scenarios, plus a healthy dose of paranoia, heated and stirred frequently.

Unfortunately, there are far too many lawyers and lawsuits in my area of the country. For the average joe like me, being in a situation where I would have to consider whether or not to use a tourniquet is terrifying, almost unthinkable. I am thinking of a scenario of someone getting a really bad cut on the arm or leg and they need immediate medical attention. As I see it, there are 1 of 4 possible outcomes.

The first and best: the bleeding stops with pressure applied, I get the victim to medical attention in a timely manner, no other complications or consequences.

Second outcome: The bleeding doesn't stop with pressure, I apply a tournaquet, save the victims life, but they lose the limb. In the lawsuit, a medical professional testifies that a tourniquet was not necessary and I am screwed.

Third outcome: I don't apply a tourniquet and the victim bleeds out and dies. In the lawsuit, a medical professional testifies that a tourniquet would have saved the victims life and I am screwed.

Fourth outcome: I do nothing for fear of being sued and the victim bleeds out and dies. I am sued for doing nothing and I am screwed.

Hopefully I am wrong about the last three outcomes. In any event, I like to think that i would have the presence of mind to do what is necessary to save the victim's life without overthinking it too much. In any event, I would certainly hope someone with more training than I have was around (working on that slowly but surely).
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