A quick Knife review of the British Army MOD 4 Survival Knife.

Its big, its heavy (1lb 7oz), its thick (1/4 inch), its industrial and its agricultural. It's supposedly a knife, but is probably more of a pry bar with an easy to sharpen Scandi grind applied with a industrial styled full tang handle in a fibre polymer. Its ugly and its virtually impossible to break. It's a contender to replace a camp hatchet. It's a knife that can be abused and still take it and you won't be concerned if you scratch it up a little. It will also take a reasonable edge (carbon steel) where you can slice a sheet of paper in two, but it won't take the hairs of the back of your arm. It'll be a little tricky to fillet a trout (the Mora 780 will do this) with but if you need to chop and split and baton to build a fire or a shelter then it should perform quite admirably.

The MOD 4 (its the lower one) compared to a Mora 780.

7 inch blade with 1/4 inch thickness almost within 1/2 an inch from the tip of the blade.