Thanks gang!

I've got a couple of N95 masks and will look into a more powerful silicone 1/2 mask with canister, since I'm working in the same neighbourhood as dangerous chemicals.

Great idea about the briefcase, Jerry! The less questions the better and that would be good camo in the office. I think I've seen one with detachable shoulder straps. I want to be able to carry it easily if neccessary.

Murphy was at it today and it really brought the importance of these kits home. After a walk to work from a grocery store about a half mile away, (new alternator didn't do it's job) I'll also be keeping a complete change of business casual clothes at the office, in addition to the change of clothes in my kit, along with full-on rain gear in my car/train kits. (I'm thinking surplus poncho, and I've already got rainpants in my kits) Thankfully it was a beautiful day today and great for a walk. (I'm doubly blessed because the car started no problem after the walk back to it at the end of the day, and I got home no problem.)

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