I’ve just opened up my Office kit, and most things have been covered already, but a few extra items I have packed are:

Toothbrush and paste, toothpicks
Mini vanity mirror (for personal appearance rather than signal mirror)
Personal wipes
Personal hygiene products (you know what I mean !)
Small pack tissues
Small soap
Zip lock plastic bags (to seal up anything messy or bio haz)
Small cans of food (beans – they are very long life)
Can opener, bottle opener
Sugar sweets – energy for walking home
Family photo
Drinking straws (from take-away food store)
Magnifying glass
Printed contact and emergency numbers
Cable ties
Thick permanent marker pan (to make posters to place in the window “Help I’m in here”)
Small radio AM/FM (with light) (I chose one with USB, solar panel and wind up so that it stays charged – head phones too)
Pre-purchased public transport ticket.
Dusk masks – P2 standard (aka N95) with carbon filter. The carbon is largely to assist with odour elimination. I would like to get a proper “smoke hood” which will protect against the toxins produced by burning man made materials, but haven’t found a suitable one as yet. (Most high rise fatalities are from toxins in the smoke, not the fire itself). Seems like you’re in a very chemical prone area, so some kind of effective respirator may be a doubly good idea !

I see you have included maps and public transport info. Can I suggest going 1 step further and plan some routes home (if you have not done so already) both via PT and on foot. If possible check out those routes – perhaps go for a bike ride one weekend and make sure you know the way. Also consider if you have any family, friends, or even work colleagues who you may be able to walk to or get to via PT, depending on the situation, you may not be able to travel home, but may be able to go in the opposite direction (plan the route) ? I’m sure you’ll have planned the route to schools too, so you can get there if necessary.