As I recall, given the CANDU design, KI pills are irrelevant. Others here can no doubt comment with more authority. It's tritium releases that are the most common worry, and the path of harm is through ingestion.

- - -
Speaking to the original topic:
My experience with offices/cube farms affirms that, in that culture, a very specific order/psychology applies. It goes something like this.

Tools are the province of maintenance people and tradesmen -- blue collar, with talented hands and limited abstract-thinking abilities. Totally unfair in some cases, but not always. Tools, if you will, belong to 'infrastructure workers.'

'Knowledge workers' represent a different 'tier' or 'class' in effect -- those who use (or are expected to use) their brains instead of their hands. Their tools are computer networks, Keurig coffee makers, printers, and politics; though to be fair, their responsibilities are significant. Infrastructure issues, requiring tools, are handled through work orders.

Anyway, my point is that these divides are quite specific. You must pick a side and respect its cultural requirements. Like it or not, failure to do so is 'career limiting.' If you are on the knowledge worker side, the Leatherman in your briefcase is for computer repair (and the Streamlight as well). Any 'hardware' that doesn't fit on your keychain is not something you may whip out in a meeting, and even then you need to be discreet.

That doesn't mean you can't have a 24" crowbar in your gym bag. But it must be in your gym bag, painted pink, and wrapped in lululemon tops, white athletic socks, and sneakers.

(I think I'm babbling, but the gist is truth.)