Like many others,I've found that with a little imagination and creativity, you can vacuum seal emergency items and compress their volume a bit.

A roll of toilet paper is approximately equal in volume to two rolls vacuum packed. A roll of paper toweld is almost the same.

Tea bags and other food items will last longer. You may not nead them for your daily or weekly uses, but keeping a handful sealed up has been a great addition to my vehicle kit and I even keep some single servings in some of the smaller kits.

Several of our kits have clean underwear & other clothing vacuum sealed. They take up much less volume and stay cleaner during multiple repackings of the kits. You may find this to be an advantage with some of your concerns about clothing / sleeping items.

One caveat is that if you have items like compressible sleeping mats or sleeping bags with a lot of loft, they may need to be "released once a year of so and allowed to fully expand for several days before being repacked as they may not fully come back to full size very quickly.

It will take some playing around as the various vacuum sealers all have their own quirks to deal with.