Thanks Sue! It's not my thread though. It's ours. One more reason I love this site!

No worries - I am not a heels kinda girl. I try to avoid them as much as possible, and when I do I always take my hiking shoes or boots with me. My friends with shoe and fashion fetishes are continually flustered by my lack on enthusiasm for their latest scores.

Good call on the pry bar, Sue. It's got to be usable or it's just something to stub your toe on. I'm going to try some out before buying a big one. I got a little on in my kit now but you're right, a big one may be more handy. There's not enough leverage in those little ones for bigger jobs. In an industrial area, an explosion the rocks the building is a possibility.

I with you on the light Sue and Hikermor. Like a lot of people, I wear a necklace that never comes off. The difference is that mine's got a micro photon on it. I take a lot of ribbing for it but I use it almost every day.

[url=]EDC Necklace[/url]

If I had to make a top three thing to car list, light and a knife would tied for first. Mulitple redundancies seem like overkill sometimes but I'd never want to be caught without.

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