I didn't see any mention of comfy shoes for walking. If that's what you wear to work, great, but if you wear heels...

Someone suggested a small pry bar. I would investigate the room/area where you usually work, and see if there is a place to "deposit" a decent-sized pry bar (16-18"), like in a closet or somewhere. Even a reasonable jarring of the building like having a semi run into it might jam the doors closed... got a fire, too? Choose one that you can get a good grip on. I bought one of those flat ones, and found that I can't apply decent pressure on it very well except with the heels of my hands or my foot, which seems to be a serious limitation. I replaced it with a standard hexagonal type with the hook on one end.

Flashlights... One thing that is engraved in my memory is from this site from some years back, I think Martin F. posted it. He was on board a commercial plane (still on the ground) and all the lights went out. In the pitch dark, almost immediately people started to get anxious, a precursor to panic. Marty had a small flashlight (maybe a Photon?) in his pocket and turned it on to get the larger flashlight out of his bag in the overhead. As soon as he switched on that tiny light, people calmed down. They couldn't see much, but they could see that small light, and it was enough for them to focus on and ease the tension. My hardware store carries small Photon ripoffs for $3 each. Darned cheap insurance against panic, I would say.

Nice thread, Jackie!