Nice list and all I can think to add is some words of caution.

Make sure you know your companies policies (or ask permission) before bringing certain things into an office or work environment. I have worked in several offices and what is allowed varies quite a bit.

Where I currently work any sort of open flame is not allowed and the prohibition extends to unlit candles or fuel sources (like esbit tabs etc.). The company also prohibits knives or any other weapons on company property. In practice, small pocket knives, think small Swiss Army Knives, get ignored but a large folder will attract unwanted attention. Office workers are often not allowed to possess tools either.

My answer to most of the above is to keep a very small, very discrete couple of multi-tools (leatherman squirt, gerber artifact, Swiss tech screwsall) and a small lighter mixed in with my clutter of pens and computer cords, in addition to carrying a SAK Alox moneyclip. My boss knows I have these things and is cool with it since I keep them discrete. Larger/more capable equivalents are kept in my car.

- Eric
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