Y'all are the best!

Chisel, we think alike. What's on your body might be all you have in an emergency. I've got a knife fire and light on my belt at all times, and a keyring in my pocket with car key whistle light and SAK, and the first thing I'll put on is the lanyard with whistle and light.

For the immediate timeframe I'm going to stick to my desk and put a little food and water in the kitchen. I'll gradually move into the space and set-things up.

I've got friends living about halfway home that would be happy to let me crash there if needed and I do know some people from Scouts who live near work that I suspect would be happy to help out.

Mark, I added extra glasses and sunglasses but didn't think of a repair kit. I've got a bunch of safety pins in the FAK and a sewing kit is going in too. Thanks!

I've got a compass in my EDC and am working on maps. Good call!

I've been debating adding a fixed blade knife. I've got a folder, multi-tool, SAK and a prybar already and space is getting tight.

Not sure about a chemical spill or the like. I'm still researching.

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