What are you missing? Not much. Between what you carry alredy and whats in the bag you appear very well equipped as is.

I only have a few things Id suggest: a hank of paracord, a good sewing kit, extra safety pins, eyeglass repair kit (or do you normally wear contacts?), a compass to go with that map if needed, and a sturdy fixed blade knife.

What are your plans if there is any kind of chemical spill? I was thinking short of some kind of chemical or biohazard suit it would be difficult if not impossible, without specific training, to be prepared for every type of chemical spill. This is beyond my pay grade I am not even sure if there is one suit that would protect against most or all chemical spills. Perhaps someone else with more knowledge and training can comment on this aspect?

Given the distances involved with you getting home this discussion might also be relevant.
Uh ... does anyone have a match?