Great ideas

In my office kit , I made sure to have 3 layers

Layer #2 is the GHB or survival kit , whatever you want to call it.

There is Layer #1 , which is a survival necklace , a few essentail tools on a neck-ID lanyard. It is placed within the GHB, but in an emergency, 1st thing is to take it out and place it around my neck (and put the tools under my shirt or in my front pocket) . It has a small flashlight, small knife, small minitool ..etc.

Layer #3 is a bigger kit , or more supplies in my locker or office drawers.

You may have a space problem for layer #3 . You could solve it in several ways. For example, the first aid kit could be an "office FAK" , that you suggest to your boss to have in the office. If there are industrial threats around you , convincing the boss to have safety equipment may be easy, or it maybe required by the law, depending on your local rules and regulations.

Tea and other bug-in stuff can be part of your office tea club, especially if you have a friend or two to share with. Shortly, it doesn't have to be literally locked in YOUR drawers if you don't have that much space. Just spread the things and don't pile them under "emergency kit" that may attract unwated attention. Part of my survival stuff has been scattered among "project tool boxes" and "project supplies" for example. So, I made sure that gloves, hammer ..etc, are available without taking much of MY space or MY money. I won't use them for me anyway, except in an emergency.

I have the 3-layer system in most of my kits. Each of them has a "survival necklace " to be removed from the bag ASAP and worn around the neck in an emergeny. So, if I lose the major bag in the dark or somethingf, I have something ON ME !! And each kit is backed up by larger ( maybe scattered) stash of stuff that can give support in bigger disaster or badder circumstances than expected.

Good luck and stay safe