I don't know what the expected disasters are in your area: earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, floods? What I'd have depends on what I'd expect. If there's a danger of earthquakes or nearby explosions (see my 3d paragraph), I'd have leather gloves, glowsticks (no sparks to ignite vapors), dustmask, shoes I'd be able to walk over debris, broken glass, etc. with, maybe some thick clothes that would offer protection against snags, even a hard hat.

In addition, how close are the major highway and the train tracks? Do trucks and trains haul in bad chemicals, gases, fuels, etc? I'd want to figure out how to shelter in place in my office if I were downwind of hazardous vapors from accidents on the highway or rail.

What are the other industries in your area? Welding, car painting, etc.? I'd be interested in shelter in place if there are hazardous chemicals in my industrial area, plus in knowing safe places to evacuate to and safe routes that are upwind, uphill, and upstream.

Forty kilometers is about 25 miles? That's too far for me to walk in a reasonable length of time in my situation and especially in inclement weather; others would find it a walk in the park, I'm sure. One of my plans would be how to meet up with family members if we're stranded. We have a communications plan that assumes phones are out, but we're both hams and can rely on our radios for communications.