It's been a few years since I've had an office job and yesterday, day one in my new PT gig, I had a little trouble with hubby's truck and the building beside ours was evacuated for some reason just as I was heading home. Welcome back to the corporate environment!

So... I'm working on a new bug-in bag/GHB to keep at the office and I'd appreciate the wisdom of your input.

I'll be working in a little office (about 5 people) thatís about 40kms/25mi from home. There's a major highway to the North, a major rail line (freight and commuter) to the South and a nuclear plant to the South East. It's mostly urban/suburban area between home and the office, with a big chunk of rural in between. I'll mostly be driving my own car but there is a possibility of carpooling or taking a train also. The office is in an industrial area, in a single floor building and my desk is right beside the front door.

MAIN THREATS: industrial accident, train derailment, chemical spill, gas leak, major MVA on main roads, vehicle failure, power failure, nuclear accident (we're in the heart of the danger zone) and weather (It's a tricky time of year around here right now. Spring can bring snow storms, heavy rain and thunderstorms, summer days and anything in between.)

I'm thinking about being stuck in the office overnight (or longer) or having to hoof it home. I don't have room for a big pack under my desk so I'm thinking average daypack size.

FAK: AMK kit, soap, bandana, personal meds, safety pins, nail clippers
(Added: baby wipes, small bottle of purelle, pocket pack of kleenex, cpr mask and 2 pairs nitrile gloves, 2 dust masks, sewing kit)

CLOTHES: wool socks hat and gloves, thermal shirt, emerg rain poncho and blaze orange baseball hat (It's a casual office so I plan to be wearing good footwear and durable clothes at all times)
(Added: light rain pants, leather work gloves, subbed in a primaloft jacket instead of fleece)

SHELTER: AMK bivy, sleeping bag liner, paracord, heatsheet (Note: I shoved my thinnest sleeping bag in and it really made things tight. It still gets cold at night here though so I may throw in a light wool/fleece blanket.)

WATER: large full kleen canteen, micropur tabs, military mess cup, juice crystals
(Added: instant hot chocolate tea and cappacino, wrapped the water bottle in duct tape)

FOOD: 4 cliff bars, 1 pack jerky
(Added: 2 powerbar harvest bars, MRE meal and heater)

FIRE: bic, match safe (with tinder-quicks, b-day candle and strike anywhere matches), couple of tealights, sierra saw
(Added: 2 larger candles, esbit stove and tabs)

RESCUE: AMK signal mirror, lanyard with whistle/led light, roll of quarters
(Added: blaze orange whistle to an external zip)

MISC: SAK, multi-tool, bandana, LED flashlight and extra batteries, extra glasses and sunglasses
(Added: leatherman folder, LED lantern, LED headlight and extra batteries, 2 decks playing cards, pry bar, extra house key, 4 chem lights, 4 chem hand warmers, 2 lg garbage bags, 2 small garbage bags, eye glass repair kit, pocket radio and extra batteries, case of all the extra batteries)

TOILETRIES: soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodarant, washcloth, feminine stuff

TO DO: get a new small sleeping pad, take moutain bike to store at work, put some MREs and a box of bars in desk drawer, put extra water in kitchen, put box of candles in desk drawer, put large pry bar under desk drawers, get copies of local map and transit info, put enough flashlights (and extra batteries) for everyone in a filing cabinet drawer

ADDITIONAL: I've always got my EDC bag and my pockets are always loaded too:

There is a fridge and microwave in the office so I'l be stashing water and food there, as well as keeping a little toiletries kit and meds in my desk.

What am I forgetting?

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