I found these two time-lapse visual representations of the number of aftershocks experienced by the people in Japan, particularly those closest to the epicenter, including the people working at Fukushima Daiichi. It boggles my mind to watch so many aftershocks occur one after another in this visual display. So many of them are magnitude 5+, so definitely something that you will feel.

I don't know if the people have gradually gotten used to them, or if their hearts still skip a beat each time they feel the ground start to move. Just the stress of all the aftershocks must be wearing people out.

This one covers the first full week since the 9.0.

This one is a completely different representation. It has a haunting soundtrack to it, although the time lapse is slower and it takes a lot more patience to watch it (I didn't make it to the end). The big quake doesn't hit till about the 0:51 mark in the video, in case you're tempted to give up after half a minute of watching nothing happening.