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Authorities warn Tokyo residents that the tapwater contains radiation levels that exceed the safe limit for consumption by babies...I hope this is not a sign of more long lasting things to come.

The radiation level in Tokyo tapwater has dropped but has gone over the limit for baby consumption in several other prefectures, so this issue is not isolated to just Tokyo. So, as long as the reactors are putting radioactive particles into the environment, I guess we won't know if radioactive tapwater will be a more chronic problem or not yet. However, more and more foodstuffs are showing up contaminated.

Tokyo started an emergency distribution of 3-500ml bottles of water per baby. Although I have not heard if pregnant women get any. Anyway, the radiation level dropped before they really got started, but they are proceeding with the plan anyway.

Certain consumer staples like bottled water, rice, milk, and toilet paper are in short supply in Tokyo and stores have begun limiting how much people can purchase at once. That's pretty shocking for the capital city of one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and at this point, no one really knows when the situation will be alleviated. Electricity will still be in short supply as the weather warms up and the hot, humid summer approaches.