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I don't know what you do, but my practice is to utilize every two liter or larger plastic container that comes my way. The are cleaned, filled with water, and dispersed around the home. At this point, I don't have as much water as I would like to have, either.

I try and refresh the containers every year or so, but I must admit I am not very good at that.

I keep at least ten cases of Costco bottled water on hand; most of the time there are between 12-14 cases. We go through at least two each month, and I rotate them. Each case is a bit over 4.6 gallons.

Under my workbench there are three five-gallon water bladders, which I dump out and refill twice a year. While I'm prepared to purify this water if need be, it always comes out smelling and tasting like good water when I dump it out.

My water heater holds 50 gallons, but that only works if the water is shut off before contaminants are introduced into the supply.

At a round 120 gallons, the five of us have 24 days of water at 1 gallon/person/day. If we can't trust the water heater, we're at 14 days. I'm always leery of trusting the 1/gallon/person/day figure though, because if it's hot or we're exerting ourselves we could easily drink more than that before any water was used for cooking or washing.

I have carefully prepared a small container of pool chlorine with instructions on how to create a chlorine solution and purify water with it. While writing this post I went into my emergency supplies to estimate how much water I could purify with it, and to my dismay I can't lay hands on it.

While I would have discovered its lack during my Spring emergency gear checkup in a week or so, I'm not happy to learn that I've misplaced it.