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I don't know what you do, but my practice is to utilize every two liter or larger plastic container that comes my way. The are cleaned, filled with water, and dispersed around the home. At this point, I don't have as much water as I would like to have, either.

I try and refresh the containers every year or so, but I must admit I am not very good at that.

There's two systems that I know of that are good for rotating water. The system that I use is to replace my emergency water in 1 gal PET containers every 6 months. There's only about $1/each so it's not a major expense. I keep them with the emergency supplies so they don't get used for anything else. The old ones get used for drinking water and will last a couple of weeks. The other system one of my coworkers uses. He buys 24 ct cases of bottled water (about 3 gallons/case) and continually rotates then as he uses them. It's more expensive, but his supplies are probably fresher then mine.
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