For the maritime/nautical type folks, I thought that this video was very dramatic and the only video that I have seen that shows how boats/ships fared besides getting smashed up.

Starting at 0:50 and until 3:50, you can watch this good sized ship (I don't have a good eye--75-100 ft long?) struggle as it gets caught in the tsunami, close to shore.

In the beginning, the ship is listing badly and looks to be broadside to the tsunami. You can see crew members standing on the outside of the rails because the ship is listing so much. After about half a minute, you see black smoke start pouring out of the stack and the ship starts to turn and right itself.

Even then, they aren't out of danger. The current seems to change directions very quickly. At one point, the ship is spun 180 degrees in a couple of seconds, almost capsizing yet again. Must've been terrifying for the captain and crew.

The only other video I've seen is reportedly from a Japan Coast Guard vessel further off the coast when the tsunami passes. Not as dramatic since the tsunami is just a really big swell at that point, but you do experience tension as you see the tsunami in the distance and the bow slowly comes around to meet it head on. The voice on the video estimates the height as 10m.