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What I don't understand: if the nuclear plant was flooded once, why can't they do it again?

Taking the plant to the water instead of water to the plant, so to speak.

Jim- Can *you* generate a 40 foot wall of water from the ocean when you need one?

Dweste- While these might seem sensible questions it feels to me like it's the same kind of thing as asking about why a platoon leader doesn't have his men shoot just a little further to the left or wondering why they don't get out the grenade launcher while he's engaged in combat.

We don't know. We aren't there. Our discussion won't help them solve the problem.

Make a donation to disaster relief headed for Japan if you want to help. (we already have)

Fugushima's right next to the pacific ocean..

Well, isn't there a way to transport the fuel rods and dump them into the sea? That will keep them cooled right?
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