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Statistically, there should be more aftershocks that are very strong. Normally, they would be considered major earthquakes in themselves, but they would be somewhat pale in comparison to the original quake. One expert on TV was saying that extrapolating from the averages, you could expect one magnitude 8 and ten 7's in the coming weeks. WHAT??? I really hope the averages don't apply in this case.

I wonder how much infrastructure has been weakened by the original quake and is now more vulnerable to these major aftershocks? It's possible that a major aftershock or two could cause more damage to Tokyo than the original quake. I shudder to think what it would do to the nuke plants that are already struggling due to damage.

It also means that people who thought they dodged the bullet with the 8.9 and weren't prepared, should really make preps right now. I'm telling the people I know in Tokyo to be prepared for more, just in case.