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... it could be 10 minutes or less before a tsunami hit the OR/WA coast after a quake.

Having spent many hours on Oregon beaches myself, I wonder if a person would actually feel a quake in the sand? I have warned my sister (new to the PNW) that if she did feel a quake, or saw a coastal draw-down, not to wait for anything, just to RUN. That's not the time to collect your belongings!


Ten minutes = toast

For most peops, if caught on a beach with a Japan-scale tsunami surge in route.

Next time at Cannon Beach I should clock how long it would take to run from the water-line to the road. There's usually considerable sand in between. And that wouldn't be high enough for comfort. Doubtful I'd get high enough on land on foot in 10 minutes to survive what hit Japan.

Next time I visit a west coast beach I'll be carrying a rucksack everywhere and with a new mindset.

I wonder what it would cost to build in the northwest the same earthquake early warning system that Japan has.