First, if anyone finds any long-length news footage from Japan - please post a link here. It seems that all we are getting in the USA is chopped up parts of news footage from Japan. Just enough to be sensationalistic -but not enough facts. I was watching video of the large tsunami wave that was speading through the city of Iwanuma - but the video cut out before we could see what happened to cars and trucks driving on a road (right in front of the wave). So please post links to longer media footage from Japan - if you find any.

I find myself also wondering about the tsunami sirens in Japan - how good was the automatic warning? If the earthquake was about 100 miles off the coast, that should have given the emegerncy system about 10 minutes lead time (100 miles divided by a tsunami speed of 600 miles per hour = 10 mins). Maybe somewhat less time, depending upon coastline and the fault lines. But still enough time for the sirens to trigger, and also emergency messages to go out over the radio. Did that happen effectively?

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