Well, ETS is back at SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Doug (of course!), Blast, myself (Cliff), and several others are here looking for new products and things of interest to the ETS world.

A couple of things, dear readers:

We will be posting as we can during the show, instead of afterward as previous years. But with all the bandwidth demands, the 'Net here can be annoyingly unreliable, (like the cell phone service...) so please bear with us. Picture uploads are slllllllooooowwwww, so images may have to come along later.

In order to keep our posts from being confused with comments (and vice versa), we're asking that this thread be reserved for our review posts - so please do not comment here. We will get cranky and will delete them, or (last resort) lock the thread.

Look for the first posts later today and this evening!

UPDATE: SHOT Show 2011 is over, but there are still more news/reviews we have to put up. So keep checking back for updates!

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