Very nice day today here, so out I went to my front stoop to shake down my emergency cooking set-up. I like to do this at least once a year or more. It was triggered by yesterday's find of some squarish pieces of metal flashing/shingling I found at a hardware store. When I picked up a piece and put a few gentle bends in it, my immediate thought was "WINDSCREEN".

Anyway, I'm very happy with this set-up. I have it down pat now:

It's a Mini-Trangia cook-kit (sorry, mostly obscured here by my new and functionally perfect (IMHO) metal flashing/shingle windscreen (two pieces held together by one of those paper-clamp deals)).

Some Heet methylated spirits. Burns very cleanly if that's what you want.

Strike Anywhere matches (old cruddy style--just using them up)

Nalgene water bottle.

1 cup-sized plastic measuring/drinking cup (keeps stuff hot, doesn't burn lips).

Plastic spoon.

Mountain House freeze-dried and vacuum packed food (makes 16 oz of food. I was full after 8 ozs).

Helpful tips I was reminded of (again):

Drop the lighted match directly into the alcohol in the burner (saves fingers from burn).

Snug the windscreen up around the base of the pot (improves efficiency greatly). It only needs to cover the windward side of the stove. Manipulate the pot/lid/whatever from the other side.

Put the pot lid on upside down (seals the pot perfectly well, improves efficiency, removes easily).

Oh, and this Mountain House freeze dried packet was beef stew. Pour in 1 and 3/4 cups of boiling water, stir, zip the bag shut, wait 9 mins. I was very surprised actually at the caloric content (almost 500 calories for this one meal), and the high nutritional value (170% of minimum daily requirement of Vitamin A, 60% of Vitamin C, 30% of iron, and 6% of calcium). It was a mix of beef, potatoes, carrots, peas, onions, stew sauce of some kind, the usual "stew" stuff. Quite good with a little salt, pepper, and a dash of ketchup (first item on my must-have list for "survival" after the following):

The excellent DeDe Brand Instant Thai coffee--the next best thing to the real-thing.

Please show your "set-up" if you like.

If you want to see the Mini-Trangia, it's over here:

Mini Trangia Cookset.