Thermite put onto Green wood & Moist soil/Stones underneath,Could very well,End your attempts to Survive!White phosphorous Grenades,Explode,Period!It would be safer to pull a bullet from the casing,& dump the powder on the tinder,then fire the primer onto it,& That isn't Recommended or safe Either!Strike Anywhere Matches can be safely lit,On a Closed Zipper,You can also use a Knife blade,By Skinning the blade,Atop the Match,Fingernails/Teeth Also work,Just Remember that the Match,More often than Not,Emit Hot magma!All you really have to do is Disturb the white-tip a bit,Even a wet rock will suffice,As long as It's not Dripping wet!When Pulling matches from the box,Look for the Matches with the Most white on the tip,Simple!