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.....better yet, a ROAD FLARE.

If it REALLY NEEDS to be lit, I use a plastic film cannister filled with Thermite. I light it with 6" of magnesium ribbon. Bury 5" in the thermite with 1" sticking out. It still takes a BIC to light the ribbon!

If you would rather just email an order OF PRE-MADE kits -

Or if you want want enouth Thermite for a life time of getting lost -
The Magnesium ribbon is extra but ships free.

Now that's what I'd call an inflammatory remark. ;-)

Ha, that website is so understated. I quote:

"Just place the thermite firestarter on your kindling, light the fuse, and step back." (emphasis mine)

And again:

"3 oz of casted thermite in a snap-top container that produces about 2 ounces of molten iron." (emphasis mine)

Love it.