I just don't trust any matches for a survival situation. I've had bad experiences. It seems like a bad idea to have my survival hinge on how nice the manufacturer decided to play, or on what date the matches are going to go bad. I don't even want to pack matches as part of my big three. I'd rather have three ferro rods, or two lighters plus a ferro rod, or another combination. If I expand it out to five methods, then I'll throw some waterproof matches in there...maybe.

Matches are so popular because everybody knows how to use them. Why is it that people who like matches always seem to have a ferro rod as their ultimate back up? Perhaps they view a ferro rod as a reliable anchor that will work if all else fails. I surely won't use matches as my backup.

There are so many other methods that are more reliable and less moody. Ferro rods seem to be the least gimmicky fire starters and are easily my favorite. I have started fires in cold, wet conditions with a ferro rod. I'm not confident matches would have worked in those same situations. Also, with a ferro rod, you can actually test the same tool that will be starting your fires. You can test a lighter too. Unfortunately, there's no way to test the next match.

If you're reading this, it's too late.