"I dunno. Who'da thunk it?"

Only those who have been using matches for a long time. Denim works well also.

I am a bit confused by all those who decry matches. The flint and steel replaced the older methods instantly, and was itself replaced just as quickly by matches when they first came out. Those first matches were a no where as good as what we have today. Why some insist on going backwards, I do not know. My experience is totally different. In 50 years or so of lighting fires, I have NEVER needed anything but a match. From the high plains to the high rockies to the high arctic to a lot of low and wet places, every time I have needed a fire it was started by a match. Occasionaly one failed, but I don't recall needing more that 2. If the fire is set as well as you would for a spark lighter a match will light it quicker and more easily.

I have no quarrel with those who like to play with the other techniques, I enjoy starting a fire other ways as well. It is just that when I need a fire I always reach for a match. Some like lighters and if they work for you they are as good or better. Ferro rods and sparkers are great to back up the backup and I always have a few available. Being a gear junkie, I have lots of types and styles and am always looking for a better one. For survival they fall far behind the match and can be expected to never be used in those times.

In the field I carry a K&E match safe with strike anywhere matches in several locations (one with my stove, one on my person) for daily use. I carry another long one with REI stormproof matches as a backup. Behind that are a Spark Lite in my PSK, a ferro rod (or two) and anything I am playing with at the time. In dry climates I usually carry a penny box of strike on the box matches and use them before the ones in my match safe.

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