I don't know why this is important, yet, but hopefully someone will figure it out and turn this thread into something useful.

I decided to give Diamond "Strike Anywhere" matches another try the other day (I had given up on them a couple years back because they seemed to no longer "Strike Anywhere", or even keep their fire starting material intact on the end of the stick when you tried to strike them).

At any rate, I found boxes at OSH Hardware and saw a little notice on the box front "NEW LOOK! Same Great Product" and a couple pictures of the match heads with the familiar white-capped red tip. It does look like there's a bit more of the white material on the red tip now.

Anyway, I decided to see if these "NEW LOOK" matches would strike on paper. Damned, if they don't strike very well indeed on one of those cheap thin paper plates (it wasn't a "coated" one). So I picked up a large Columbian DuraLOK Grip-Seal 9 X 12" envelope, and whammo, good striking surface. So then I tried a standard piece of Staples Multi-Purpose Printer Paper, and whoosh, instant flame.

I dunno. Who'da thunk it?

Edit: Cardboard box material. Perfect.

This could become my new life's work. ;-)

Edit: Normal business card. Primo.

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