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Take a look at what happened recently in the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.

Good idea. What, exactly, did happen on Haiti and Chile? I know the standard media reports of "looting" appeared and I don't doubt that non-compensated transfers of material property occurred, but most of what I saw was pretty general stuff. I would differentiate between people taking vital supplies from untended commercial establishments and folks ripping off flat screen TVs and high heel shoes just because nobody could stop them. Were people taking supplies from each other or just from stores, etc?

I am not trying to deny that looting does occur - we saw plenty here in SoCal during the Rodney King riots (those had nothing to do with material shortages IIRC) - but when and under what circumstances does looting begin? I am pretty sure there are better sources of real information than the general media blurbs, but I am genuinely ignorant. I'll bet it doesn't start on a neighbor to neighbor basis (unless you have really poor relations with your neighbors)

And, by the way, I took long ago steps to enhance my security. It is a game I play by the numbers. Some of my favorite numbers are 12G, 357, and 6mm. 45 is a nice number, but I don't play it currently.
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