It's pretty easy to make a lid for either a canteen or a nalgene type bottle cup.

Turn the bottle over, trace around the outside edge onto a piece of 1/2" plywood, cut out the traced shape, pick up a sheet of aluminum at your local hardware store/home center. Cut out a piece that will fit the traced outline with a small amount of overlap, use the plywood and a small hammer to bend the aluminum around the wood, voila you now have a lid. Go back to the hardware store and find a small D ring type picture hanger, use a pop rivet gun to install the hanger to the top of the lid, voila, you now have a lid with a handle.

You can also do this with a used sauce pan lid, usually found at thrift shops, Salvation Army stores, yard sales, just make sure it's big enough to fit your cup, remove the too large regular handle and do the pop rivet thing to it too.

The neatest setup I've seen uses a Molle type bottle pouch, a 32oz Nalgene, (2) of the GSI type cups, one on each end of the Nalgene, put the lid(s) in the pocket of the pouch along with a Esbit stove and you've got a nice, fully contained hot water kit for tea, coffee, etc.

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