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Maybe something like the square ones here?
I don't know of any local sources for them offhand but I remember seeing them in some dollar stores.
The ones I saw were not very heavy gauge and I didn't think too kindly of the plastic lids but they were not really all that bad (I tend to be fussy).

Maybe if you check with a local discount store they could tell you the cost to source them for you.

They look pretty nice but . . . if you go back and read the thread, we are (or maybe just "I am") wanting something that opens on the end (i.e. the side with the smallest dimensions). Remember the old, metal band-aid boxes? Something like that (e.g., 3" by 5" by 1" to 4" by 6" by 1.5") without a seam down the side, without a rolled bottom, made from stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium (not tin), with a snug fitting lid, and a folding handle (that will fold along side the container so that the handle does not make the container bulky or awkward.

Essentially, I want this cup in a rectangular configuration (sized between 3" by 5" by 1" to 4" by 6" by 1.5") with a lid. This would, in my mind anyway, be the ideal container for a pocket kit. Maybe a little bulky for an EDC pocket kit, but certianly ideal for an outdoor activities pocket kit.

The reason I want it configured this way is so that I can use the container to boil water. The ones you linked to are flat and shallow and I fear I'd spill a lot more water than I'd ever boil (same reason I balk at the Altiods tin idea). And I think I'd tend to catch a lot of ashes in such a container as well.

I have the GSI Glacier cup that I linked to above; I use it as a kit container and it is awesome, but it will not fit in my pocket (and it has no lid), so I carry it in a pack. Well if I get separated from my pack . . .

Again, I realize that this container might never become a reality, but I'll keep wishing and looking.