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If you desire a seamless cup for continual use, as opposed to intermittent "survival" use, there are two options - 1)Stainless steel cups, preferably with folding handles, that fit snugly over the base of a Nalgene canteen - 2) titanium cups like the Snow Peak 700 - similar configuration and very tough and as light as aluminum. Titanium does not alter the taste of that nice cup of tea or whatever else you prepare in it. They are not cheap ($25+/-), but they will last forever.

I have a seamless stainless steel cup (actually holds about 2 cups) with folding handles that fits over a Nalgene bottle (It is a GSI Glacier Stainless Steel Cup - http://www.buzzmug.com/cart/shopexd.asp?id=202 ). I also have a seamless titanium cup with folding handles that too fits over a Nalgene bottle (it is a Snowpeak Trek 700 - http://www.snowpeak.com/back/cookware/titanium.html ). I use the Snowpeak as my backpacking pot and the GSI as a container for a wilderness survival kit (but this kit has to ride in a pack, not a pocket). Both are great for my uses. However, neither fits in a pocket very well (if at all).

Therefore, my wish is for a 3" by 5" or 4" by 6" or something in that range that is 1" to 1.5" thick. Rectangular shape with no seams or rolled edges that opens on the end (i.e. the smallest exterior surface), with a snug fitting lid, made from (in order of preference) titanium, stainless steel, or aluminum (definitely not tin), and with folding handles (similar to my above mentioned cups). This container would then be used to assemble an EDC kit.

I've looked and looked and am pretty sure that such a container does not exist, but I'm still holding out hope. The cut down hip flask is probably the closest I've seen and I may end up trying that at some point if my dream container does not soon become available.