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If you desire a seamless cup for continual use, as opposed to intermittent "survival" use, there are two options - 1)Stainless steel cups, preferably with folding handles, that fit snugly over the base of a Nalgene canteen - 2) titanium cups like the Snow Peak 700 - similar configuration and very tough and as light as aluminum. Titanium does not alter the taste of that nice cup of tea or whatever else you prepare in it. They are not cheap ($25+/-), but they will last forever.

Titanium coffee cups are great if all you ever use is a gas stove. Previous experience has proven that titanium cups over a wood campfire do warp after very little repeated use due to much higher heat that wood fire coals can reach compared to some petroleum based fuels

In theroy you should always use a kettle, however the bigger cups can hold up to 20 oz and instead of carrying and using a kettle which is not always in the plan, the cup gets used as both a small cook pot and as a kettle.

I also have a titanium kettle that has suffered the same fate and is warped enough that it does not sit level and the lid is pain to fit.

If you go the T-cup route and plan to use it over an open fire, find the thickest single wall cup you can as there are some out there thicker then others. Also stay away from double wall cups that may also be used as a cook pot/kettle.

Due to the above, this is why I carry a stainless cup. I am not too concerned about the extra weight of the stainless cup. And if I was that worried about it in the long run, it would be better for me to lose a couple of lbs of body weight instead of saving a few ounces with a T-cup...
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